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Josefine Volquatz

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Photos By: Søren Skarby

Martin Ramsgaard is a Diploma Journalist in Visual Storytelling. Cinematographer and TV-producer with a long experience in working with documentary, news and producing mainly for TV2 Denmark. 

Mai-Britt Schultz is an artist, historian and author of sevelral historical books. Our expert on getting ideas visualized and writing manuscripts.

Josefine Volkvatz  Josefine has produced content for international media houses including the Guardian, BBC, CNN, United Nations Television and CCTV. She has an MPhil in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University, an Art History Degree from University of London and an MA in International Journalism.

Thomas Falck is TIMETRAVELLERs technical wizard with a long experience in educational websites, motion graphics and numerous apps. Thomas always finds the most creative solution to any idea.


When you walk into a museum you start a timetravel helped by facts and imagination. With digital storytelling you can stir the imagination and guide the timetravelling in new directions.

With your smartphone and a couple of headphones you can literally turn a museum into a giant 3D documentary film

TIMETRAVELLER is a company that specializes in creating digital content for historical museums and art exhibitions. Film, soundscapes, narration, animation, graphics, 3D, interactivity and virtual reality. Our aim is to find the right solution for each museum or exhibition in collaboration with historians and curators. We are comfortable working with digital technologies so we can concentrate on what it is all about - the stories you want to tell.

We come from the world of documentary, television and motiongraphics. Thinking in digital solutions and making ideas into reality is what we do. We have a wide network of creative people working with cinematography, sound, infographics and animation. If we don´t have the right people in the network we will find them. With a background in journalism, documentary and writing we are experts in communicating to broad audiences and we are used to telling complicated factual stories in a way people can understand.


Documentary on the mill
The Music Museum app
App for the Museum of Laisure Sailing

The Music Museum in Tåsinge, Denmark, is a small museum based on volunteers that have very small funds. It was a challenge to implement digital audio and visuals to the exhibition of danish folk music instruments. The small museum don´t even have space for built in loudspeakers and video screens. The solution was an app with a soundguide, music and video. The guests listen to the stories of the instruments in the soundguide and see video with the musicians Harald Haugaard and Anders Ringgaard who tell about the music and the instruments. The few guests who don´t have a smartphone borrow one at the reception.

See the webversion here:

TIMETRAVELLER are following the restauration of the old mill, Christiansmøllen, in Svendborg. The funding is now settled so the next year experts will bring the mill back to what it looked like when it was still in use i the 1950s. We will document the process with video, sound and interviews. We want to make a documentary on the history of wind energy but also collect material for the digital part of a future Museum for Wind Energy which is the long term plan.

The film will be finished around december 2017.

Right now we are working on developing an app for The Museum of Leisure Sailing in Svendborg. It will contain sound stories of the most spectacular boats in the museum but also films and a Virtual Reality part using 360 degrees cameras to capture the feeling of sailing.


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